The Signs Of Parental Alienation In Divorce Proceedings

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For many parents going through divorce, issues like parental alienation syndrome are serious. Parental alienation involves a parent turning a child against one of his or her parents. Parental alienation can target mothers and fathers.

While you may hope that you never have to worry about parental alienation, you should be aware of the signs and symptoms that this is happening.

A Child Develops Strange Reasons to Lash Out

The targeted parent may realize they are being alienated when the child begins to lash out for reasons that seem strange, like forcing a child to go on a family vacation. This lashing out may also extend to people who are related to you or involved in your life.

Denial of Parental Alienation

Many children will deny that one parent may be influencing their opinion of the other. They may even strongly express that they are making their own opinions. This denial may also come with a lack of guilt about their behaviors and feelings. They may participate in very mean behavior.

New Requests

The child may suddenly begin to make some different requests. For instance, they might ask you not to come to school or sport functions that you had been attending in the past. They might ask you not to come to their birthday party.

Change in Language

You may notice that your child suddenly uses new language, perhaps language your ex uses. You might recognize that your child is saying things they don't ordinarily say or things that are not age appropriate for a child to say.

Speak With a Divorce Attorney

If you notice the signs of parental alienation in your relationship with your child, now is a good time to take action. You might not realize that your child may be developing negative behaviors that could impact you and your ability to build a positive relationship in the wake of the divorce.

Your divorce attorney can help you address parental alienation. The courts do not allow parents to alienate one against the other, regardless of their gender, custody situation, or relationship with the child. Your attorney can put steps into action with the court to prevent parental alienation. You have a right to a relationship with your kids. Although a divorce may be difficult for everyone involved, there are measures that can be taken to help. 

To learn more about the measures a family law attorney can take, contact professionals in your area. 

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