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For many people considering their future in family court, alternative dispute resolutions sound like a good idea. These resolution methods help you avoid court while also putting together a parenting plan or visitation schedule.

Are you considering an alternative dispute resolution method? These are a few ways you can settle your family law dispute without going to trial.

Family Law Mediation

Family law mediation involves a third party, a neutral figure who is meant to help each individual resolve the problem. This is often a technique used to help two parents determine custody and visitation of their family.

Family lawyers can also guide you through the mediation process, ensuring that you are able to reach an agreement. Some states allow your lawyer to sit in the room with you, and others allow you to seek advice outside of the session.

Family Law Collaboration

Collaborative law is another settlement technique that helps you deal with a situation considered high-conflict. This requires you to hire an attorney and then work with others, like a childcare specialist, to come to a decision.

Collaborative law also has its benefits, including the support of an attorney or other team. It also ensures that each parent has the autonomy and freedom to arrive at a decision. This process can also be quicker than going to court in some cases.

Cooperative Family Law

Cooperative family law is a little different from collaborative law, but it offers many of the same benefits. In a family law case, you have a little more freedom to be informal than in the collaborative law process. You have a lot more freedom, and your attorney is not so pressures to make collaborative decisions. You can also consult with your family lawyer before and during the process.

Coordinated Parenting

Parenting coordination involves the use of a family law professional or parenting coordinators who can help parents work through high-conflict situations. If the two parents involved in the legal situation are not able to make a decision for their children, the coordinator or professional will make the decision. You will discuss your wishes and willing compromises with your attorney to figure out what is possible ahead of time.

This family law dispute resolution technique is best used for determining how the two parents will work together. It covers things like child custody order and discipline of the child. It provides a sense of conclusion and autonomy, both of which are helpful when you are fighting over contention issues.

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