Shared Responsibility: How Can A Family Attorney Help You?

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If you're in the beginning stages of divorce, you may worry about your home, finances, and livelihood. Receiving fair visitations or time with your children may also be something you worry about. But if the other spouse refuses to even consider sharing custody of your children, speak to a family attorney. Learn why it's important for you to share custody of your children and how a family attorney can help you do so below. 

Why Is It Important to Share Custody?

Children have a great number of rights during and after divorce. The rights allow children to receive the care and support they need from both parents throughout their childhood. If a parent interferes with their children's rights, it may cause them great harm.

Some children may become rebellious over time, while others may lose opportunities to participate in sports and other things that promote good growth and development. Children who don't spend quality time with noncustodial parents may experience anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions. 

If you're concerned that your children will experience any of the issues above, reach out to a family attorney today.

How Can a Family Attorney Help You?

Before a family attorney can help you obtain shared custody of your children, they may speak to the other spouse's divorce attorney first. There may be reasons why the other parent doesn't want to share custody of your children. These reasons may include your:

  • living arrangements
  • employment hours
  • willingness to compromise your children's care and activities

If you don't have problems with any of the things above, an attorney may ask the family court to grant your wish for shared custody. However, the family court may look at other things that may affect your ability to share custody of your children, such as your criminal background and financial situation. If you don't have anything on your records that may prevent you from spending time with your children, the family court may agree to the arrangements. 

The family court may also consider your children's wishes regarding shared custody. Some children of divorce experience separation anxiety and may not wish to leave the other parent right away. If your children have any of these concerns, the family court may ask someone to mediate the visits until your children feel more comfortable with you. 

If you're concerned about sharing custody or responsibility of your children after divorce, consult a family attorney. A family attorney can provide additional information. 

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