Bikes And Accidents: Know What To Do

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Biking is known to be a great way to get outside, burn some calories, and have some fun. However, depending on where you bike, this form of recreation may also present dangers. Bikers are no match for vehicles and accidents can change your life. Read on and find out more.

Understanding Fault in a Bike Accident

In almost all cases, bikes have the right of way on the roads. They share that with pedestrians. Motor vehicles must yield to bike riders, if possible, because of the inequality in power and size. However, some bike riders are not as careful as they might be and leave a vehicle driver with little choice but to hit them. For example, a vehicle driver might be unable to stop in time when a bike rider suddenly veers out in front of them.

Before insurance and compensation issues may be resolved, fault must be decided on. The determination of fault is usually based on the evidence. Evidence like the information below can influence accident reports and investigations:

  • Interviews with the parties involved in the accident along with bystanders who saw what happened.
  • Camera footage from various sources and viewpoints.
  • The physical damage to the bike and the vehicle.

Dealing with Compensation Offers

Bike riders that are found to be the victim of a careless driver may be entitled to compensation. That usually means the insurer for the vehicle driver will contact the victim and offer them a settlement right away. Quick offers like that are not to be taken seriously, however. They are often inadequate, to say the least. Only those without professional legal support would take such a quick, low offer. To better understand what bike accident victims may be paid, a list of common accident damage categories follows:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages from a job
  • Pain and suffering because of the injuries and other uncomfortable and convenient issues.
  • Lost personal property like your bike.
  • Payment for any future medical needs.

Bike accidents can spell serious medical issues both now and in the future. Don't let the insurer take advantage of you after an injury by depriving you of needed medical care for injuries that are not resolved right after the accident. For example, you may have broken bones and will require additional surgery in the future. Talk to your lawyer about adding future medical care to your settlement before you agree to a release.

 Speak to a personal injury attorney for more info. 

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